About me


Let’s see.  What to say about myself?  Hmmm…

Curious, witty, sarcastic, crafty guy who lives in the southern United States with his dogs.

How’s that?  Do I get a gold star?  No??? Gees…tough crowd.  Let’s try again.

Loyal, intelligent, artistic tinkerer exploring a new adventure with the hope that he learns to be more present in his life.  If along the way something shared inspires you, reminds you that you’re not alone, or just makes your life a kinder place, even better.

It sounds fancy, but doesn’t really tell you a lot more about me.  This isn’t easy because the stories and things I want to share don’t fit into a nice little box.  Telling my story, offering opinions, talking about things I like, maybe even writing tutorials…how do you fit that into a nice, little box? People are multi-faceted.  What you see depends on what they choose to show you and your perspective when you look their way.  Okay, I think I have a way to do this.

Third time’s a charm…

My name is Daniel. I am an uncle to not only my sister’s two great children, but I’m lucky enough to have the joy of being an ‘uncle’ to some of my friend’s children too.  I’m the proud papa of two amazing dogs.  One was a rescue. The other needed a new home because of issues with the other dog in the home. Lucky me…I get to share my life with both of them now.

At work, I think my employees would tell you that I’m a pretty decent boss…so long as you don’t try to talk to me before I’ve had my coffee.  When things go wrong, people come to me for help.  Some people call me a “fixer” which is sort of cool since it makes me sound like I work for a mob boss.  (I don’t work for the mob, by the way.  Honest.  I swear)  Speaking of honesty, that is a trait I take very seriously.  When people want an honest answer, they come to me because they know they’ll get one. 

I’m a photographer, a computer geek, 3D maker, painter, graphic artist, sewer, quilter, video gamer, wannabe baker, and gummy bear devour-er.  I love to read…mostly comics, manga, fantasy and romance.  Yes…romance!  I love horror movies and animated films. Cuddling while watching is the best. Never been in a film, but I did used to act with a local theater company as well as sing and dance in a show at a bar. At parties, you can usually find me making friends with someone’s pet. I’ll be the guy who goes oddly quiet in a group setting.  I’m also the guy who will talk your ear off if there’s a chance to have one of those amazingly deep conversations where two people talk about everything and nothing all at once. 

I think I’m funny. People have told me that my jokes are so dry I should serve them with a glass of water. My humor, like me, might be an acquired taste, but if things get tense, you better believe I’ll be the first person to say something inappropriate to break the tension.  Have spinach in your teeth or your skirt caught in your pantyhose? I’ll be the one who tries to pull you aside to let you know without embarrassing you.  People find themselves telling me things they don’t usually share with others because they know I’ll keep their secrets. Did I mention I can be kind of wordy?

One last thing…

Since it is going to come up, I’ll go ahead and let all of you know that I’m also gay.  It is just another facet of my life, but it is also one that a lot of people have strong opinions about.  Part of my reason for creating this blog is to help me be me. This way, no one will feel like I’ve yanked the rug from under them later.  So, cards on the table.  I am all of the things I’ve said here and so much more…just like each of you are.  It’s okay though.  I’m gay.  You don’t have to be.  We can still be friends.  It’s all good. 

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