2022 Christmas Ornaments

Each year, I make at least two ornaments...one for me and one for my mom. Sometimes if the Christmas spirit is particularly strong, I will make ornaments for friends too. I'd like to share my 2022 Christmas ornament with each of you this year. This way, I'm spreading Christmas cheer much further than I could... Continue Reading →

Wood Burning

Growing up, I attended a lot of craft shows.  I always had a great time when my mom and I would go.  We’d look at every booth, eat corn dogs, funnel cakes, candied apples, and cotton candy.  It was like going to the fair, but with crafts.  The artists working with wood and leather never... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about quilting

Do you have a favorite quilt? Ever wondered how quilts are made or what makes them so awesome? Are you just bored and in the mood to read whatever is in front of you? Whatever your reasoning, I’m glad you’re here. Today, let’s talk about quilting. My love affair with quilts When I was young,... Continue Reading →

Curious, Kind, and Strong

In 2020, a friend asked me create artwork for the nursery of her first grandchild.  To say I was excited would be putting it mildly. This was a big deal. When I was small, there was a picture that someone had made for my nursery. I remember looking up at it. Still have it tucked... Continue Reading →

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