2022 Christmas Ornaments

Each year, I make at least two ornaments…one for me and one for my mom. Sometimes if the Christmas spirit is particularly strong, I will make ornaments for friends too. I’d like to share my 2022 Christmas ornament with each of you this year. This way, I’m spreading Christmas cheer much further than I could otherwise.

For anyone who follows me in Instagram, you know that the latest addition to my arsenal of tools fueling my hobbies is a laser cutter/engraver. This has allowed me to use my CorelDraw skills that I learned when I got my Cricut to design files for the laser. The first file I made is this year’s ornament.

File Description and use

This SVG was designed with Lightburn in mind to take advantage of the layering color scheme in that application. The red layer is meant to engrave the text. The blue adds a score line around the text, and the black line is meant as the cut line. It could also be used on a Cricut or Silhouette using a pen to draw the portion that would be engraved on a laser.

Without further ado, here is the file. I hope you enjoy it so it serves as a funny reminder of 2022’s high prices. If you use this file, I’d love to hear about it in the comments. Good luck, my maker friends.

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