Why do you use a Chinese horoscope symbol as you website icon?

That image is the symbol for the Rat in the Chinese zodiac. Just like domino6713, it has personal meaning to me. When my first long term boyfriend left me in my early 20’s, I was pretty wrecked. A friend came over to cheer me up. He ended up dragging me out of the house so we could have lunch at my favorite Tai restaurant. Then, we walked to a record store. They had these little pendants of the horoscope symbols on leather chains. He noticed me looking at it and bought it for me.

I wore it until the chain broke, and then I added the charm to a new necklace. Still wear it every now and then. The symbol was incorporated into my first tattoo as well because I think the description of the Rat in the zodiac fits me and because I always think of that day when I see it.

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