Bad Week In America

This past week was a bad week for the United States. Granted there haven’t been many great weeks in the past several years, but the decision of 6 people to deal human rights a devastating blow on June 24th made it a very bad week indeed.

Growing up, I always thought of the Supreme Court as the neutral voice of reason in the chaotic political storm. No matter what happened, they would make the tough choices and make the right decisions. As an adult, I can see that was a childhood dream. There certainly isn’t any neutrality. In fact, it seems like the United States is headed back towards the oppressive Puritan beliefs held by early settlers.

Glimpse of the Future

I might consider it a bit of a concession if all of these little unborn humans the religious zealots claim have more rights than the adult women being forced against their will to give birth to them were guaranteed to have a good life, but the sad fact is, they won’t. One group’s rights have been taken away. People are already making plans to attack other rights granted by the Supreme Court that aren’t protected by a piece of paper written over 200 years ago. That doesn’t bode well for these children.

They’re going to be born to mother’s who don’t want them which will cause mental health issues that will need to be addressed. They will be born into a society where the very same groups who fought so hard to ensure their mothers would be forced to give birth to them will turn against them just as soon as those children turn out to be something less than ideal in their eyes. What happens when those children grow up to be LGBTQ+ or to think for themselves rather than blindly following the hatred and oppression disguised as religion that was spoon fed to them? I grew up in an environment that was less than ideal. I know what will happen.

What now?

The same Supreme Court that took away women’s rights and paved the way for the oppression of so many other groups also gave us the solution. In their decision, they wrote, “It is time to heed the Constitution and return the issue of abortion to the people’s elected representatives.” That is the answer, folks. Vote these narrow minded haters out of office.

It won’t be easy. Events during the last presidential election proved these radical groups are willing to achieve their goals through any means necessary. Not easy does not mean impossible. Polls show that the majority of American people do not support a ban on abortion. Polls also so that a majority of people in America support LGBTQ+ rights. If the majority feels that way and that same majority does what it takes to put people in office who believe the way they do, then there’s still hope.

Time to Fight

If the Supreme Court’s decision to reverse abortion rights made you mad, then hold onto that anger and put it to good use. Fight!

If you think this is going to stop with abortion rights, stop deluding yourself. Wake up and realize this victory will only fuel these religious zealots hunger for even more power. It is time to fight!

Get out there and vote in decent people who will make a difference. Vote out the career politicians only interested in maintaining their power. Hold your elected leaders responsible. The Supreme Court has proven they are only going to move if it supports the narrow minded agenda of the haters. If something doesn’t support that agenda, they are going to abstain from doing the right thing, but they can’t take away our ability to vote in people who can change the laws or even the Constitution itself. The goal is clear.

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