Homemade Lip Balm

When I was in sixth grade, I remember my mom handing me a tube of cherry Chapstick and telling me to use it. Since that day, I've never been without some type of lip balm in my pocket. In my late teens I moved on to something called Cherry Ice, and from there to Blistex... Continue Reading →

Cinnamon Chocolate Pound Cake

With everything going on nowadays, I tried to find something to make me happy...even if only for just a little while. So, today I made a pound cake. That led me to think that some of you might enjoy the recipe too. Since I can't stand the way people write fifty million words before actually... Continue Reading →

Bad Week In America

This past week was a bad week for the United States. Granted there haven't been many great weeks in the past several years, but the decision of 6 people to deal human rights a devastating blow on June 24th made it a very bad week indeed. Growing up, I always thought of the Supreme Court... Continue Reading →

Dream Journal June 11, 2022

Disclaimers:  I’m creating a new category to be used as a dream journal.  Based on historical evidence, it won’t get updated often because I don't remember my dreams very often. I thought it would be nice to share the ones I do have as a nice diversion.  Viewer discretion is advised.  Proceed with caution.  Not... Continue Reading →


The world is pretty messed up right now.  Hope I didn’t shock anyone by just stating the obvious like that, but it is true.  People using guns as the solution for their feelings is weighing heavily on my mind.  Are you having a bad day?  Maybe you’re depressed and want everything to end.  Did someone... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about quilting

Do you have a favorite quilt? Ever wondered how quilts are made or what makes them so awesome? Are you just bored and in the mood to read whatever is in front of you? Whatever your reasoning, I’m glad you’re here. Today, let’s talk about quilting. My love affair with quilts When I was young,... Continue Reading →

Spreadable Butter Recipe

About a year ago, two things happened. The first was that my doctor started suggesting that I look for ways to lower my cholesterol. The second thing happened when I realized that the butter spreads I had been buying really weren't all that healthy, and they cost just as much, if not more, than real... Continue Reading →

Should I Come Out?

Does this sound familiar? You’re LGBTQ+. You’ve struggled internally with your feelings and have come to terms with it. I guess you could say you’ve “come out” to yourself. Next up? Coming out to other people.  (dun dun dun…queue ominous music) Should you come out though? If a boy and girl meet, fall in love, and want... Continue Reading →

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